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For customers who are not yet registered, below is some information on the Roadrunner Live system.

Roadrunner Live is an exciting new program which allows you to book work directly onto our Traffic system using just the Internet. This new advance in communications is of special benefit to our customers who want to minimise the time spent arranging collections and deliveries. This exciting leap in IT efficiency will allow jobs to be placed without the need to make a phone call or send a fax, from single bookings to batch postings.

This Login button is the link required to access the server's login area. Before you are allowed to access the system, you will need to enter a secure username and password. You will then be able to swiftly place individual loads or batch-post jobs from your files directly to our Traffic System.

In this area you send your jobs to Roadrunner Live's servers, pending collection by us. The Roadrunner Live server will then give you a server reference number for every job posted.

We automatically accept the work sent by you, this posts these jobs directly to our Traffic system and saves each individual job number. An email is then automatically sent to you with the Roadrunner job number and the original server reference number.

Roadrunner Live is an Internet based system which allows us to securely share any information from our Roadrunner system with you, our customers.

The Track and Trace system allows you to follow the progress of your own consignments securely over the Internet. You can select individual job numbers and drill-down to show specific details such as POD status, signatory, time of delivery, or in fact, any item of data you choose, directly from our Roadrunner system.

Track and Trace can be combined with Road Tech's In-Cab Communications system, allowing our drivers to update the status of each consignment from computers located in the vehicles, thus keeping the consignment information up-to-date in real time.

Roadrunner Live is not limited to just our Traffic system. You can have access to specified data from any part of our Roadrunner system.

You could even view details of your outstanding invoices directly from our Roadrunner Accounts system. The possibilities are endless.

"Being on time is our business."