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Some useful tips when booking transport and the terminology.

  1. Next day service = goods delivered next working day between 9.00am and 5.00pm. If the delivery destination is closed during these hours and we are unable to
    deliver, you will be re-charged the same amount again for re-delivery on another day.
  2. Economy delivery = as with the above hours, but delivered within three working days (except for Ireland, some off-shore islands and some Scottish highlands).
  3. Quotes are given without V.A.T. This is added to your quote at the current rate.

Pallet Sizes For Your Pallet Network Shipments

You will be charged for the pallet size you ship through the network FULL, HALF or QUARTER pallet rates.

pallet sizes


If your goods travel via this method (groupage), then this means your goods are all grouped together with other people's goods. This all carries risk from damage, as groupage companies will always try to get more on a load, (more on a load, more money per load) and your goods have a high risk of missing the delivery date. The vehicle only needs to be held up at an earlier delivery and your goods will not arrive on time.

Dedicated Transport

This is quite possibly the exact opposite to groupage. Your goods run entirely on their own, and is by far the best way for them to travel. There is no danger of other people's goods damaging yours and you know, barring unforseen circumstances, your goods will be delivered on time and intact, but this is by far the the most expensive means of transport.

Same day/Courier

This is for the job that has to run on the same day that you are booking the job. Please remember when booking this, the costs will always vary from day to day dependent upon vehicle availability and size, etc. Make sure you book the right size vehicle and that you allow sufficient time for your goods to be loaded and to travel to your destination. It is also a good idea to furnish us with a contact name and all telephone numbers etc., for the delivery destination and of course, your out of hours contact number.

Conditions of Transport/Storage

Please be advised that all reputable transport companies will be members of a governing body. We, at John Pearce Transport, are members of the RHA, (The Road Haulage Association) and therefore operate to their terms and conditions, a copy of which can be obtained from us, free of charge, upon request.


Remember this, if you were to keep a taxi car waiting outside your house for an hour or more, that taxi would charge you. Remember that the taxi only costs 10% of what a lorry costs and all our drivers are paid by the hour. So be sure to ask how much time is allowed in your quoted price, for loading and unloading. After that time has elapsed, you could be charged demurrage at a rate per hour, or part hour. Demurrage rates vary depending upon vehicle size. Please ask for this rate.

Loading condition

As the customer, if you are not happy with how your goods are loaded, then please do not allow that vehicle to leave your premises without getting authorisation from our head office. Remember, that it is the driver's responsibility to make sure the goods are safe for transport, but it is your responsibility, as the customer, to make sure the goods are packaged safely for transport. If in doubt, please ask.


We are members of The Pallet Network, arguably the best quality network in the U.K. Networks are made up of many members throughout the U.K. and Europe. We collect your goods and take them to a central hub, and from there they go onto their delivery depot. In today's transport market, this is by far the most effective and safest way to transport your goods, so long as you go with a quality driven network, not a quantity driven network. It all works in the same way as a letter will travel through the post. As long as goods are presented correctly, you can relax and save money.


I know this sounds silly, but it is imperative, if you want your goods to get to the correct destination, you must furnish us with the correct name on site, company name, full address and full postcode, plus any telephone numbers for this destination. Please remember if it goes to the wrong address, you will be charged for a re-delivery.

Timed deliveries

Be sure to ask your customer when they want their goods delivered. If you request a timed delivery, then this is what you will be charged for. Indeed, your customer may well be happy to receive between 9am and 5pm, so it is worth asking your customer and you may save money. Remember, if you select a next day delivery and on the delivery day you call to say your customer needs the goods more urgently, this cannot be changed on the day of delivery. You will end up just receiving the original service level you book, so be sure to make the right choice.

Booking Transport

A bit like going on holiday, the earlier you book, the more choice you have. If you leave it to the last minute before making the call to book transport, then you may end up having to pay a higher price due to vehicle utilisation, or missing time slots for us to make outbound trunks. At worst, you will be unable to obtain a vehicle.

Delivery of goods

Remember, from the moment the goods have been lifted off our vehicle, the goods/insurance must now be covered by you or your customer. They are no longer covered from that moment. If we are unloading the goods via a tail lift, then once you sign for those goods they become your responsibility. Please do not ask our drivers to take your goods into a shop or house, as we are not allowed in health and safety rules and are not insured personally, or for damages caused by them. All drivers are instructed not to do this.


Receive, handle and despatch. This is used mainly when goods come into our warehouse for storage. You pay per lift for handling them. As the name implies, the price covers taking it off the vehicle, (even if it is a John Pearce Transport vehicle), moving goods around the warehouse and reloading said goods when they go out for despatch


When applying for an account with John Pearce Transport, we will do a full credit check on your company. You will then be given a credit limit and payment time scale for the company which will be passed on to yourselves. Please do not go over your credit or time limit as your account will be placed on stop until funds have cleared the account. If you are a non-limited company, then we would seek a personal guarantee on the account. All outstanding debts are vigorously pursued through the courts.

"Being on time is our business."